Design Checks Set (DESIGNC3)

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Set of 3 books includes: Design Checks for HVAC 2nd Edition, BG 4/2007, Design Checks for Public Health Engineering, BG 2/2006 and Design Checks for Electrical Services, BG 3/2006.

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Set of 3 books includes: Design Checks for HVAC 2nd Edition (BG 4/2007), Design Checks for Public Health Engineering (BG 2/2006) and Design Checks for Electrical Services (BG 3/2006).

Good design is central to the achievement of quality buildings that satisfy client requirements, yet all too often defects and failures that occur after occupation can be shown to have their origin in design deficiencies. The aim of the Design Checks series is to improve the quality control and performance of the technical design process.

Design guidance sheets provide information on design inputs, outputs and practical watch points for key building services design topics. They will help to reduce the risk of design errors and omissions and improve the overall efficiency of the design process.

The guides complement CIBSE Guide B, CIBSE Guide G, and CIBSE Guide K and can be easily incorporated into a company's quality assurance systems to become part of the daily routine of design.

These guides are all available to purchase individually in Pdf or hard copy format.

You can also purchase a single or multi site licensed version of all 3 guides containing an unlocked PDF and editable WORD document.

Product details

  • Published: May 2006
  • Publisher: BSRIA
  • Authors: Lawrence Race G. & Pennycook K.