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Building Thermography Level II

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BSRIA training course for Level I thermographers interested in more advanced infrared thermography of buildings. Run at IRed

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The Level 2 Thermography course is designed for practicing Level 1 thermographers who are interested in more advanced infrared thermography of buildings.

This training course focuses on strengthening and improving thermography skills for building applications. Level 2 Building Thermography Training students must have successfully completed a Level 1 Thermography Training Course and have a minimum of six months field thermography experience.

The course is run in collaboration with the iRed Training Centre. Attendees completing Level 2 Building Thermography course requirements and a thermography field assignment will receive an iRed Building Thermography Certification.

This course is also approved by the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (BINDT) and successful completion is required before candidates may sit the externally administered PCN level 2 IRT examination at the end of this 5-day course (please note the examination fee of £169.20 inc VAT and BINDT registration is not included in BSRIA course fees) and additional practical experience is necessary before the formal Level 2 award.

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Practising Level I thermographers

Content and timings

This course will show you how to identify conduction and convection losses such as missing or inadequate insulation, thermal bridging, air movement through the building fabric, moisture problems and how to distinguish these from heating, ventilation and air-conditioning effects. It will cover qualitative thermography and ways to quantify defects.

Additional topics include:

  • Building construction technology
  • Survey objectives and methods
  • Environmental conditions
  • Supplementary inspection methods
  • Fault analysis
  • Acceptance criteria
  • Safe systems of work
  • Roles and responsibilities


Level II thermographers will be qualified to:

  • select the appropriate infrared thermography techniques and understand their limitations
  • specify the appropriate hardware, methods and software
  • measure and analyse thermographic data
  • perform advanced image post processing (area analysis, montage, statistical analysis etc) and diagnosis
  • apply thermography theory and techniques, including measurement and interpretation of survey results
  • recommend appropriate corrective actions
  • prepare reports on condition, recommend corrective action and report on effectiveness of repairs
  • provide technical direction and supervise personnel at or below Level 1
  • establish acceptance and severity criteria
  • recommend the use of alternative inspection technologies


Delegates are provided with a training manual.

Pre-course knowledge

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