Sauermann SI-AQ Comfort | Indoor air quality meter

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Available from BSRIA Instrument Solutions is the Sauermann SI-AQ Comfort IAQ meter in three different kit configurations. Please contact the sales team for best prices, calibration options and availability.

The Sauermann SI-AQ Comfort is a handheld Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) meter has been designed for HVAC professionals with an active internal sampling pump and easy to use menu system.  It comes as standard complete with a CO2 gas cell fitted, a built in memory for 2,000 data logged measurements, rechargeable battery pack and a protective magnetic rubber case.  Available in different kit configurations which including a CO gas cells option, please see the data sheet for full details.

Technical specifications


Range     0 to 5000 ppm with a 1 ppm resolution

Accuracy     ± 2 % of rdg ± 10 ppm

CO gas 

Range      5 to 95 %rh with a 0.1 % resolution

Accuracy      ± 2 % rh

Barometric pressure

Range      260 to 1,260 mbar with a 1 mbar resolution 

Accuracy      ± 2 mbar

Air velocity 

Range      0 to 91 m/s with a 1 m/s resolution


Type K range       0 to 1100 oC with a 1 oC resolution

Contents (all kits)

  • Rechargeable battery and AC charger
  • manufacturers calibration certificate
  • Quick start guide

Optional accessories 

  • Bluetooth printer
  • Software - SI-AQ PCSoft with USB cable
  • Pitot tubes
  • Sampling probe
Optional Bluetooth printer
Sauermann SI-AQ EXPERT | Indoor air quality meter
Sauermann SI-AQ EXPERT | Indoor air quality meter
Sauermann SI-AQ EXPERT configurable 7 gas IAQ meter - Please contact the BSRIA Instrument Solutions sales team for a quotation on this instrument including optional accessories and calibrations.

Support documents

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