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Ex-Hire rental stock

Limited availability ex rental hire stock.  One (x1) kit available as the 2 badge variant remaining.  The unit will come with new batteries fitted by the manufacturer and a calibration certificate.  

*Please note as batteries and calibration is undertaken by the manufacturer, the delivery time is approximately 3 working weeks from placement of order. 

Each kit comes complete with a unit reader, badge charging dock, power supply, new batteries (fitted by the manufacturer), copy of software and a traceable calibration certificate.

Product overview

The Cirrus CR 110A doseBadge personal noise dosimeter is the perfect instrument for measuring personal noise exposure. The doseBadge will measure, store and calculate all the essential parameters needed for compliance with the Noise at Work Regulations including LAe, % dose exposure as well as all the overall values for time history and noise profile throughout the measurement period.

Designed to be simple to use with no cables, it has software that creates reports quickly, it is lightweight, and comes with a fast battery charge time that enables day-after-day measurements to be taken without fear of data loss.


Applicable standards 61252:1993 Personal Sound Exposure Meters, ANSI S1.25:1991 Personal Noise Dosemeters Class Designation, 2AS-90/80-5 and RC:110A: Internal acoustic calibrator to IEC 60942:2003 Class 2

Measurement range (typical)  70 dB (A) to 130 dB (A) RMS, 120 dB (C) to 140 dB (C) Peak

Measurement functions - Overall measurement data

  • doseBadge configuration (badge serial number, date & time)
  • Calibration record
  • Measurement duration
  • Highest peak(C) sound level during the measurement
  • Overload exceedence
  • 115 dB (A) maximum sound level exceedence
  • Battery status
  • LAeq, LEX,8 h, LAE, % dose, exposure (Pa2h)
  • Estimated % dose, estimated exposure (Pa2h)
  • 1 minute time history of: LAeq, Peak(C) Level & battery level

Frequency weightings

  • ‘A’ for all RMS measurements
  • ‘C’ for Peak sound pressure

Configuration options

Channel 1: Independent user configuration of:-

  • Exchange rate: 3 dB, 4 dB or 5 dB
  • Criterion level: 80 dB, 85 dB, 90 dB
  • Criterion time: 8 hrs, 12 hrs, 16 hrs, 18 hrs
  • Threshold: None, 80 dB, 90 dB
  • Time weighting: None, ‘S’ (Slow)

Channel 2: Preset to:-

  • Exchange rate:3 dB
  • Criterion level: 85 dB
  • Criterion time: 8 hrs
  • Threshold: None
  • Time weighting: None


CR:110A doseBadge; The CR:110A doseBadge can store up to 24 hours of data in a single measurement

RC:110A Reader; Up to 999 Individual doseBadge Measurements


RC:110A doseBadge internal NiMH battery. Typical battery life 30 hours @ 80 dB

    doseBadge® is a Registered Trade Mark of Cirrus Research plc.

Support documents

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Cirrus CR 110A doseBadge user manual.pdf Cirrus CR 110A doseBadge user manual
Technical document
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Cirrus CR 110A doseBadge data sheet.pdf Cirrus CR 110A doseBadge data sheet
Technical document
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Cirrus CR 110A doseBadge quick user guide.pdf Cirrus CR 110A doseBadge quick user guide
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