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The Value of BREEAM - new report assesses the schemeOctober 2012

BREEAM has been around for 20 years, and has become the de-facto standard measure of sustainable construction in the UK. With environmental issues still hot topics, and the government target of zero carbon buildings by 2019, it looks as if it will be here to stay. But how valuable is it to the end client?

The Value of BREEAM Report (BG 42/2012) is based on independent research funded by Schneider Electric and undertaken by BSRIA with help from BRE Global. It assesses the value that can be derived from a consistent approach to measuring and benchmarking the design and performance of buildings. Face-to-face and telephone surveys of client opinions were conducted along with web surveys of construction professionals and the supply chain.

Overall the responses were positive. Most (88%) thought the concept was a good thing but there was room for improvement. The report found that the most value could be gained by thinking about BREEAM at project inception. Higher ratings can be gained more easily and it is potentially a cheaper process. Many felt that improvements could be made by making the scheme simpler and more flexible.

Contents include:

  • Drivers for BREEAM
  • Cost of BREEAM
  • Benefits of BREEAM
  • Technologies and processes
  • The future


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