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New Life Cycle Assessment guide published following CILECCTA ProjectNovember 2013

Life Cycle Assessment guide (BG 52/2013) was written as part of BSRIA’s work on the CILECCTA project. This was a collaborative EU project involving 17 partners from 7 countries that researched and developed an advanced software tool incorporating life cycle costing and life cycle assessment, probabilistic analysis and the modelling of future options. More information about the software tool is available from or contact Ian Wallis at BSRIA ( View sample

Life Cycle Assessment is a structured methodology for compiling and evaluating the environmental impacts and the primary energy demand of a product system throughout its life cycle.

Currently 10 to 20% of life cycle energy is used during the extraction of raw materials and construction. Changes to Building Regulations mean operational energy consumption (currently 80-90%) needs to be reduced and this is expected to affect the balance between upfront energy consumption and in-use energy consumption.

Life Cycle Assessment can be applied to any product or process, assemblies, entire HVAC systems or even whole buildings. This guide will provide an introduction for those who are new to the concept or who need a reminder of the basics.

Life Cycle Assessment can be used for:

  • analysing the life cycle of a product in order to find the stages in the manufacturing process that have disproportionately high environmental impact
  • providing information to politicians and decision makers to help them form plans, set policy or inform the design process of a product or service
  • generating information about a product that can be communicated to consumers as part of a marketing or behaviour change strategy
  • making comparisons between the environmental impacts of products that perform the same function as part of a design process

Life Cycle Assessment is concerned purely with environmental evaluations. Economic evaluations are carried out as part of Life Cycle Costing and this is covered in BSRIA’s Whole Life Costing guide (BG 5/2008).

Hard copies of the guide are now available to order for £60 for non-members or £30 for BSRIA members. The guide will be in stock 20th November 2013. Pdf versions are free to download for BSRIA members and priced at £60 + VAT to non-members. Order now


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