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New Illustrated Guide to Electrical Building ServicesMay 2014

The new edition of Illustrated Guide to Electrical Building Services (BG32/2014) replaces BG5/2005 and provides basic reference information on electrical building services systems for construction clients and professionals in other areas of the industry.

Since the previous edition of this guide, further information has been added on circuit breakers, motor controllers, on-site generation, power quality, standby generators, plugs & sockets, and temporary supplies for construction sites

For construction clients, this guide provides an insight into the main system options and can assist dialogue with the design team. It can also help clients to identify and raise technical questions which they feel are relevant to their organisation’s particular needs. Construction professional can use the guide as a quick reference to building services systems.

Each chapter contains an introduction to each system followed by a list of key points. Photographs and simple drawings are used to help explain the appearance and operation of each system.

Individual guides can be ordered for £60 to non-members or £30 to BSRIA members. Members can download pdf versions for free. Order now or view sample

This guide can be purchased as part of our building services foundation guides set comprising of Illustrated Guide to Mechanical Building Services (BG31/2012), Illustrated Guide to Electrical Building Services (BG32/2014) and Rules of Thumb (BG09/2011), priced at £99/£49.50 to BSRIA members.


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