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Building performance evaluation and energy monitoringMay 2010

BSRIA sells, hires and calibrates a range of instruments for energy monitoring in buildings

BSRIA Instrument Solutions is currently involved in two major data recording projects in the UK making us an ideal partner for companies looking for equipment for energy monitoring and carbon performance in new and existing buildings.

Working with a number of equipment and probe manufacturers BSRIA has taken great care in arriving at a wireless instrumentation (logging) solution, to meet the requirements contained in the Energy Saving Trust's document CE298 for their Solid Wall Insulation project, and the Technical Strategy Board project on Retrofit for the Future. The selected choice of equipment is based not only on the required accuracies but also on the need to minimise inconvenience to occupants and on the reliability of outcome. BSRIA's aim is to minimise the dropout rate of the sample either due to equipment failure or occupant frustration and interference.

Utilising a plethora of manufacturers products including the Radio-Tech Ltd Wi-5 GPRS enabled data hub, BSRIA Instrument Solutions has jointly developed products for monitoring a range of parameters including:

  • Temperature (air and surface)
  • Humidity (internal and external)
  • Indoor CO2
  • Solar radiation
  • Individual appliance and circuit electrical consumption
  • Solar water system heat output (heat flux)
  • Door and window openings
  • Wind speed and direction

Other instruments and services from BSRIA include:-

BSRIA is currently involved in the Energy Monitoring Solid Wall Insulation and Retrofit Trials projects in up to 200 homes across the UK.

BSRIA provides Building Performance Evaluation services for fully operational and recently handed over buildings.

For further details or to discuss your monitoring requirements please contact BSRIA Instrument Solutions:

T: 01344 459314
or visit BSRIA Instrument Solutions website