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Building Information Modelling - questions answeredSeptember 2010

There is a lot going on in the world of Building Information Modelling this autumn. BSRIA is getting together with other major institutions and associations to promote BIM 2010.

This is a discussion workshop with guest speakers to help answer some of the tricky questions about BIM. It may help us work more efficiently and effectively but who will own the model? how can we get started? How can we persuade clients it is worthwhile? Indeed how can we make money out of BIM?

David Sibbitt of ASDA, Mike Baker of Skanska, Nick Deeming of Faulkner Brown, Bill Price of Costain and Richard Ward of Eversheds will lead the discussions. John Lorimer, Manchester City Council is in the chair and Paul Morrell Chief Construction Adviser will be our final speaker.

This is a great opportunity to join people from right across the industry to discuss these issues and work out how your organisation can benefit from BIM.

Click here for more information and to register on BIM 2010.

BIM 2010 is one of a number of complementary events concerning BIM. Graphisoft has a series of breakfast briefings, which BSRIA is supporting. The programme for these has been designed to take the topics from BIM 2010 and present them in more detail for executives.

In December, CIBSE is putting on a conference for services engineers.