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BSRIA supports developments in BIMMFebruary 2011

Building Information Modelling and Management (BIMM) has been identified by Paul Morrell's Innovation and Growth team as a key enabler for delivering better value building and construction work in the public sector. Specific proposals and action plans are being developed by seven separate Working Groups, each looking at one aspect of BIMM.

BSRIA is involved in the Working Group being co-ordinated by Nigel Fraser of BAA that is developing a set of client-specific design deliverables. This is a direct result of our experience in developing, with a group of BSRIA members, the Design Framework for Building Services that sets out in detail which design activities apply at each stage of the RIBA Plan of Work (Stages A to L). Many BSRIA members and non-members rely on this guidance, published in 2nd edition in 2009 as BG6/2009. BSRIA is pleased to be able to put a building services perspective into the discussions of the Working Group, and it is expected that an initial report will go to the Government Construction Clients Board in March 2011.

Linked to the efforts of the above Working Group is a BSRIA-specific initiative to extend the scope of the Design Framework document so that it too covers the deliverables that would be expected at different stages of the project process if BIMM was being used as the design development tool, rather than traditional CAD. Although no firm decisions have been taken, it is likely that this work will result in a complementary guide to sit alongside BG6/2009, as the existing guide will continue to be needed for many years to come.

The next step in this BSRIA project will be the formation of a small Advisory Group to discuss the types of deliverables and consider how these might be defined. If you have expertise in BIMM and would like to be included in this group, please contact David Churcher at BSRIA:

T: 01344 465505

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