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Understanding the performance of critical environments in hospitals and other healthcare facilities can reduce the risk of infection transmission.

BSRIA has vast experience in validating designs and investigating the performance of isolation rooms, hospital operating theatres and laboratories.

Performance verification:

  • Detailed 3D pictures of physical measurements of air speed and temperature
  • Airtightness investigations
  • Investigation of specialist components such as pressure stabilisers
  • Independent review of the ventilation systems, including troubleshooting and differential pressure monitoring
  • Smoke tests
  • Air change rate calculation
  • Design validation by mock-up testing
  • Demonstration to third parties

Infection control:

  • Simulate airborne infections and investigate the infection risk to/ from adjacent hospital areas
  • Simulation of heat loads from personnel and instrumentation and the effect they have on the ventilation system
  • Carry out particle measurement according to clean room standards BS EN ISO EN 14644
  • Thermal comfort evaluations

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Mock-up testing

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IAQ investigations

Indoor air quality investigations and consultancy