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Introduction to Heat Pumps (Webinar)

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As the UK heat pump market continues to grow, the coming years will see heat pumps becoming a more frequent choice for heating buildings. This introductory webinar explains what heat pumps are, how they work, what different types of heat pumps are available, and discusses some of the issues around the design of systems that include heat pumps.

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While the share of renewable energy sources in the UK electricity production increases, heat pumps are a form of low-carbon heating which is set to gain in popularity as the UK moves away from gas as the primary source of heating buildings. As the market progresses at double digit pace, large scale adoption of heat pumps presents challenges for the UK construction industry, particularly when it comes to the design of the heating systems they connect to. This introductory webinar is aimed at clients, site managers, developers and anyone who is likely to be involoved in projects that utilise heat pumps. It explains what heat pumps are,  how they work, and the various different types of heat pump available, including ground source and air source units. It also discusses some of the issues around the design of systems that include heat pumps, such as the importance of correct sizing, and the implications of lower water temperatures.

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  • Publisher: BSRIA