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Airtightness Testing Level 2

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The 3-day training course provides theory and practical training which culminates in examinations and assessments, following which successful candidates will be eligible to apply to ATTMA for Level 2 registration.

      • 14 October 2024 - 9:30am14th - 16th October 2024. 3 days at Bracknell. 09.30 - 16.30. 18 CPD hours
      • Delegate(s): £1,200.00
      • BSRIA, Old Bracknell Lane West, Bracknell, RG12 7AH.

In-Company Training available on this course

Train with BSRIA specialists at your offices or another venue.


BSRIA is an ATTMA authorised Training Provider

Airtightness is the measure of how much air leakage there is from a building.  This is determined by carrying out an airtightness test, and the figure obtained from the testing is the air permeability value.

Air leakage can be measured by pressurizing or depressurizing the building to see how much air flows in or out of the building at a given pressure. Air tightness tests are useful to architects, building services designers, energy assessors, builders, services installers, fire sealers, air tightness testers, building controllers, building owners/ occupiers, etc. Airtightness testing is the best way to assess the performance of the building fabric in stopping the uncontrolled passage of air. It is also a very effective method of locating air leakage paths in a completed building.

Since the 2006 changes to England & Wales Building Regulations and 2007 changes to the Northern Ireland Building Regulations, airtightness testing has been mandatory for new buildings. In Scotland it became mandatory in 2011 starting with flats and maisonettes and later expanding to all new dwellings. In the case of new dwellings, a sample of dwellings on every development must be tested. Testers must either be registered through a scheme such as the ATTMA scheme, or demonstrate to building control that they are competent to test and are using UKAS-calibrated equipment.

A 3 Day training course

  •  At Level 1: Air tightness tester will be able to test dwellings and non-dwellings up to 4000m³ gross envelope volume and tested as a single entity as stated in EN13829 2001, with a single blower door fan set.
  • At Level 2: Air tightness tester will be able to test both simple and non-simple buildings, those being any buildings except those defined as large and complex, high rise (LCHR), or phased and zonal hand-over.

This Level 2 course follows on from the BSRIA Level 1 course.

The Level 2 training course is broken into three sections: Advanced Envelope Areas, Airtightness Testing Theory and Airtightness Testing Practical. The course will culminate in examinations and assessments in all three aspects, following which successful candidates will be eligible to apply to ATTMA for Level 2 registration.

Please note that should a retest be required an additional charge of £125 will be applied.

Please be advised this course requires a minimum of 5 delegates. Should we receive fewer bookings, BSRIA reserves the right to amend your booking to the next available date.

Who should attend

Anyone who either intends to undertake airtightness testing on more complex buildiings, or who is already doing so.

Pre-course knowledge
To get the most from this course

  • Delegates should have passed a Level 1 Airtightness Testing course
  • Delegates should be computer literate.
  • Delegates should download National Occupational Standards ASTATT1 to ASTATT10. These can be downloaded from ATTMA. It is not necessary to print these.


The course is built around the National Occupational Standards ASTATT1 to ASTATT10. These can be downloaded from ATTMA. These specify the standards that airtightness testers are expected to achieve in their work and hence the knowledge and skills taught on the BSRIA course.

The course will provide sufficient theory and practice to enable delegates to test buildings, pass the examinations and begin the registration process for Level 2.

To find out more about airtightness, download our topic guide.

Content and timings

Part 1: Advanced Envelope Area Calculations
Covering advanced envelope area calculation techniques needed for Level 2 testing, including circles, ellipses and curves, multiple angled pitch roof interfaces and tapering on plan with a pitched roof.

Part 2: Multi-Fan Testing Theory
Covers the testing of larger and more complicated buildings with multiple fans. Specific topics include how to test larger buildings with multiple fans in permanently compartmentalised buildings and large extensions to commercial buildings.

Part 3: Multi-Fan Testing Practical
The application of the information covered in Parts 1 & 2.

A practical exam, involving the testing of a larger commercial building and a theory exam which is a multiple choice paper on key topics covered in Parts 1, 2 and 3.
The course will be 2.5 days of theory and practice instruction followed by 0.5 day theory and practical examination.

Start time : 09.30
Finish time: 16.30 (except day 3 which is dependent on examination timings).


Delegates are provided with a training pack containing a copy of the slides, a copy of the relevant Approved Document or Technical Handbook and a BSRIA CPD certificate.

Delegates should bring a scale rule and a calculator. We also strongly advise that as elements of the practical examination will be outside that delegates bring warm/wet weather clothing.

Delegates may wish to bring a laptop, although this is not compulsory. The software used on the course can be downloaded here. . Click the “downloads” tab, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the download button for “Energy Conservatory Tectite Express UK V4.0.46.2 software


Edward Bramwell is an assosiate lecturer at BSRIA, a consultant engineer and the managing director of his own airtightness testing company. Read Edward's full profile here.

BSRIA Foundation Training Programme

This course is available through the City and Guilds assured BSRIA Foundation Programme.

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  • Publisher: BSRIA
  • CPD Hours: 18