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Acoustics in Building Services

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Learn about acoustic noise sources in building services, paths of noise transmission and how to control noise.

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Understanding acoustics is important in many areas of building services. Excess noise and vibrations impact on occupant wellbeing and can be an indicator of potential system failure.

This course will explain acoustic terminology such as sound power levels, sound pressure levels, the decibel unit, frequency, A-Weighting, Noise Rating (NR) curves, sound transmission, attenuation, and sound insulation. Vibration will also be explained in the course, as well as the impact of noise and vibration on building occupants.

A description of relevant acoustic test standards and legislation will also be provided.

Learning aims

  • Understand acoustic terminology.
  • Find out how noise and vibrations are generated in buildings.
  • Learn ways to control noise and vibrations.

Who should attend

This course is suitable for anyone who wishes to understand acoustic terminology and the importance of acoustic performance in building components and systems. You may be a designer, installer, maintenance engineer, or working in the manufacture of building services products.

Course content and timings

  • Noise sources and paths of noise transmission
  • Sound power level and sound pressure level
  • The decibel unit and calculating noise levels
  • Noise rating and noise criterion curves
  • Sound transmission, attenuation and insulation, vibration
  • Impact of noise and vibration on building occupants
  • Acoustic test standards
  • Noise control and acoustic considerations when installing and commissioning
  • Part E of the Building Regulations: resistance to the passage of sound
  • Building Bulletin 93: Acoustic design of schools
  • Environmental assessment schemes


Rebecca Hogg 

Rebecca is responsible for carrying out UKAS accredited laboratory acoustic testing at BSRIA and is a Member of the Institute of Acoustics. 

Course details

1 day course 

6 CPD hrs

BSRIA Certified Course

Delegates are provided with a copy of BSRIA Guide BG 41/2012 Understanding Acoustic Performance Data.

Please be advised this course requires a minimum of 5 delegates. Should we receive fewer bookings, BSRIA reserves the right to amend your booking to the next available date.

Product details

  • Publisher: BSRIA