Contact Instrument Solutions

BSRIA Instrument Solutions is the UK's largest TSI Gold Sales partner and we distribute a full range of TSI products such as the:-

  • TSI Airflow range including PH730 air capture hoods, TA range of thermal anemometers, LCA 301 & LCA 501 rotating vane anemometers, PANDA duct leakage testers and PVM digital micromanometers.
  • TSI Air Pro range specifically designed for use in the ventilation industry.
  • TSI  APC range (Airborne Particle Counters) Handheld and benchtop models used extensively in the cleanroom industry and for the testing of HEPA filter systems.
  • TSI PresSure range for the continuous monitoring of rooms such as laboratories and healthcare facilities.
  • TSI fume hood monitors ideal for use in LEV systems.
  • TSI Respirator fit testers - The world leading PortaCount range.
  • TSI Industrial hygiene range - DustTraks, QTraks, P-Traks all used for the monitoring of air quality.