TSI 4140 | Mass flow meter

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Available to buy from BSRIA Instrument Solutions is the TSI 4140 low flow gas monitor with power supply, cables, inlet filter, user manual and calibration certificate


TSI thermal mass flowmeters include a proprietary platinum film sensor design for measuring gas flows in applications demanding fast response and high accuracy over a wide flow range. These models have various features for example a 4 millisecond flow response, high accuracy ± 2 % of reading and low pressure drop including many others. The TSI 4000 / 4100 series was designed specifically for ultra-low pressure loss to minimize any desireable effects the flowmeter can have on the readings under testings.


  • 4 millisecond flow response
  • High accuracy ± 2 % of reading
  • High turndown ratio
  • Low pressure drop
  • Convenient analog output of flow rate
  • Versatile digital output of flow rate, volume, pressure, temperature
  • Built-in temperature and pressure compensation
  • NIST-traceable calibration certificate included at no additional cost
  • RS232 Interface for digital outputs and configurable device options
  • Set analog output zero and scaling
  • Specify start/stop trigger levels for volume measurement
  • Set update rate for LCD display
  • Set sampling rate for analog and digital outputs
  • Select gas calibration
  • Select either standard or volumetric flow measurement
  • Set display units for model 4140 to L/min or cm3/min
  • Compute volume


For full technical details, please see the data sheet.

Gas calibration      Air, O2, N2

Inlet/outlet diameter      0.25 ” (6.4 mm)

Range        0.01 - 20 Std L/min

Accuracy — Air and O2      ± 2 % of reading or 0.005 Std L/min, whichever is greater

Accuracy — N2       ± 3 % of reading or 0.010 Std L/min, whichever is greater

Response       4 ms to 63 % of full scale flow

LCD display units       L/min, Std L/min, cm3/min, Std cm3/min

TSI 4040 | Mass flow meter
TSI 4040 | Mass flow meter
The TSI 4040 high flow gas monitor comes with power supply, cables, inlet filter, user manual and calibration certificate. Contact the Instrument Solutions sales team for the best price and availability.

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