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Directly descended from the original SPC Pro it combines all the qualities that made that product a market leader with a host of enhanced features. All designed to help you get the job done better, quicker and easier. Based on the well-proven "3 currents, 1 voltage" hook-up, the only voltage connection it needs is a standard 13A socket. For surveys where mains power is not available the unit's internal battery provides up to two weeks no voltage logging, increasing as much as 12 weeks with the external battery pack option. Current measurement is via fully isolated flexible hoop type CT's which makes the SPC Pro 2 data logger incredibly safe to use. The unit is also very easy to set up and connect and requires no detailed knowledge of electrical systems from the operator.


The SPC Pro 2 is easy to hook-up - no prior set-up is required unless the data storage rate needs changing, so normally it's a case of clipping on the flexible hoop type CT's, plugging in the power lead and pressing the start button.

Download is equally easy - plug in a USB stick and press the download button, or connect the unit to your PC's USB port with the lead provided. Either way our PowerPackPro software will find the logger or the USB stick automatically and guide you through a foolproof sequence to ensure that accurate results for voltage, current, power factor, kilowatts kilowatt hours and kVArh are configured for immediate viewing.

The instrument uses a completely secure and non-volatile flash memory and has its own back-up for its on-board clock.

The powerful internal battery allows it to be used as a 'current only' logger for up to two weeks where a mains supply is not available. The addition of "Battery Pack 1 (option)" extends this to approximately six weeks and ""Battery Pack 2 (option)" pushes the logging period to 12 weeks.

The SPC Pro 2 instrument is also available in an IP66 rated environmental case. Please see separate website entry for product details.


  • Non-invasive
  • Safe hook-up
  • Battery backup
  • 2000A range CT's

What's in the kit

  • SPC Pro 2 unit c/w 3 x flex 2000A CT's
  • USB download cable
  • Mains power lead
  • PowerPackPro software
  • Zip holdall

Demonstration video

Elcomponents SPC Pro 2 three phase energy and power logger product overview

Support documents

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Elcomponents SPC Pro 2 data sheet.pdf Elcomponents SPC Pro 2 data sheet
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Elcomponents SPC Pro 2 user manual.pdf Elcomponents SPC Pro 2 user manual
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Common customer questions & answers

QQuestion When down loading onto the USB stick do I have to stop the unit logging?
AAnswer Yes; hold down the STOP / SLEEP button unit will count down from 5 to 0 then transfer from the unit to the USB stick can be made.
QQuestion After down loading data to the USB stick can I go back and resume logging again?, and will the unit revert back to the previous logging settings?
AAnswer Yes; only if the unit has not been turned off and disconnected from the mains, if so will the unit will default back to logging intervals of every 3 seconds.
QQuestion Do I have to download recorded data on to a USB stick?
AAnswer No; the unit can be down loaded directly using the interface cable provided with the unit to your PC.
QQuestion Why have I only been able to retrieve 18 hours and 12 minutes of data when I have downloaded the instrument?
AAnswer The Spc Pro 2 comes with a default logging setting of 1 second intervals which equates to 18 hours and 12 minutes of data recording before the memory is full. Logging intervals can be altered to get extended periods of monitoring but the instrument must be paired to a computer with PowerPackPro software installed and adjusted accordingly.
QQuestion I don't have a CD drive - how can I download PowerPackPro for the SPC Pro unit?
AAnswer The software is available to download online from the manufacturers website: https://www.spcloggers.com/downloads/
Look for PowerPackPro under the SPC Pro2 unit.