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Chauvin Arnoux CA5293BT | Multimeter

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Simultaneously portable and benchtop multimeter, the ASYC IV models are simple and intuitive to use. Accessible directly, the various measurements are represented explicitly in the form of pictograms on the electronic switch.

The display allows users to view the measurement results either as numeric values or as graphs showing the trend over time. Recorded measurements can be displayed as traces, with the possibility of positioning cursors and zooming on a part of the recorded curve. 

An integrated help function available in French and English provides information on the measurements in progress. 

USB or BT communication is provided to transfer the data onto a PC for saving and programming with the LV/LW drivers. Once the instrument is connected to the PC, the firmware can be updated by accessing the "Loader" program on the web. 

NOTE: Non-Bluetooth version available please contact the sales team for pricing.


  • Optimized display: Graphical display of trends and multiple parameters, 600 Hz waveform
  • Storage of up to 30,000 measurements with direct access [Menu]
  • Power supply via USB charger
  • Top-of-the range specifications: 100 kcts, 200 kHz bandwidth and 0.02% accuracy
  • Multiple analytical tools: time/date stamped monitoring of Min/Max/Avg and Peak, filtering, duty cycle


DC, AC and AC+DC voltages         TRMS

Range      100 mV */ 1000 mV / 10 V / 100 V / 1000 V

Resolution     1 μV / 10 μV / 0.1 mV / 1 mV / 10 mV

AC and AC+DC bandwidth     200 kHz

DC accuracy        0.02% 

AC and AC+DC (VLowZ) accuracy      0.3%

DC, AC and AC + DC TRMS current

Range     1000 μA / 10 mA / 100 mA / 1000 mA / 10 A / 20 A (30s max on 100 A range)

Resolution     10 nA / 0.1 μA / 1 μA / 10 μA / 100 μA / 1000 μA

DC / AC and AC+DC accuracy       0.08%/0.3%

AC and AC+DC bandwidth            50 kHz


Frequency range     10 Hz / 100 Hz / 1 kHz / 10 kHz / 100 kHz / 1 MHz / 5 MHz

Resolution     0.0001 Hz / 0.001 Hz / 0.01 Hz / 0.1 Hz / 1 Hz / 10 Hz / 100 Hz

Resistance and continuity

Ranges      100 Ω */ 1 kΩ / 100 kΩ / 1000 KΩ / 10 MΩ / 100 MΩ

Resolution          0.001 Ω / 10 mΩ / 100 kΩ / 10Ω / 10Ω / 1 kΩ

Basic accuracy     0.07%

Protection      1000 V electronic protection

Audible continuity detection     1000 Ω / SIGNAL <20 Ω < 3.5 V

Diode test

Threshold voltage measurement      Diode 0 -2.6 V <1 mA + Zener diode or LED 0-2.6 V <11 mA


Ranges     1 nF / 10 nF / 100 nF / 1000 nF / 10 μF / 100 μF / 1 mF / 10 mF

Resolution*        1 pF / 10 pF / 0.1 nF / 1 nF / 0.01 μF / 0.1 μF / 1 μF / 10 μF

Temperature with Pt100/1000 and K/J thermocouples

Operating range     -200 °C to +800° C with Pt and -40 to +1200 °C with K thermocouple

Accuracy     0.1 %

Other Measurement functions

SURV MAX/MIN/AVG     Time/date-stamped on all the main positions

REL      Reference-delta relative value on 3 displays + main measurement

PWM filter      4th order 300 Hz low-pass filter for measurements on variable speed drives of asynchronous motors

SPEC      Display of the measurement tolerance + Smin + Smax

GRAPH      Trends of main measurements with max., variable time and display of waveform (50/60 and 600 Hz)

Secondary measurements     3 measurements + main measurement

Measurement storage   30,000 


The ASYC IV models are equipped with a universal communication mode, based on the SCPI standard, via USB or Bluetooth. The SX-DMM software is a simple, effective tool for display, processing and analysis of the data. SX-DMM is delivered as standard with the product and updates are available to download free of charge from the Support website. The SX-DMM software can be used for real-time processing of the data on a PC, upgrading of the instrument and calibration, as well as offering a new function for automatic adjustment of the time on the instrument. It is also possible to display the storage capacity. 

The ANDROID application, available for download from the Google store, can be used to monitor measurement campaigns and view the measurements remotely. 


If you require any assistance or technical help please call the Instrument Solutions team on 01344 459314 or e-mail

Chauvin Arnoux CA5292BT | Multimeter
Chauvin Arnoux CA5292BT | Multimeter
Available to purchase from Instrument Solutions is the Chauvin Arnoux CA5292BT 100 kHz recorder-multimeter with graphical colour screen. Supplied as standard with x1 red and black 1 kV test probes with cables, USB charger and cable, rechargeable batteries and user manual. Optional traceable calibration certificate is also available.

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