Castle GA112 | Sound level meter

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Available to hire is the Castle GA112 Class 1 sound level meter, batteries, wind muff, case, manual, and calibration certificate

This is a compact, high performance, easy to use Type 1 sound level meter with integral octave band filters and automatic or manual drive modes. Housed in a tough, ergonomically designed die-cast body, it features a large, clear analogue display rather than digital, to give the user the best possible perception of the noise being measured.

The GA112 is ideal for the selection of hearing protection, designing and performance testing of products and heating and ventilation systems, public address system work, measuring double glazing performance and a host of other applications for the design / commissioning of plant and machinery.


  • 'A' & 'Lin' Weighting SPL & OBA
  • Max RMS & Peak Hold AC & DC outputs
  • LED range and filter lights 30 - 140dB range
  • Slow, Fast & Peak Auto/Manual filter mode
  • Long battery life

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