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The Cirrus Sound Sign is a highly visible noise activated warning sign that has been designed for use in environments where there is a need to clearly warn or indicate when a pre set noise level is reached. This pre set noise limit can be quickly and easily set to any level between 40dB(A) and 114dB(A) which will cover almost any location where noise level warning is needed.


In addition to the traditional Noise at Work style sign, the Sound Sign is also available with a range of other information which allows it to be used in environments where the noise levels may not reach those where hearing protection is required, but where there is still a need to warn or indicate excessive sound levels. Examples of these include schools, libraries, hospitals, music and entertainment venues.

When the pre set level is exceeded, the Sound Sign will illuminate and the warning information can be clearly seen. When the Sound Sign is not activated, the graphics and text of the warning are not visible, reducing any confusion that may occur with traditional noise warning signs.

If there is a need ensure that the warnings can be seen over a large area, remote display units can be quickly and simply connected to a master unit and these will mirror the action and information of the controlling Sound Sign. Up to 3 remote display units can be powered directly from a master unit with no additional power needed and each is supplied with a 10 m inter-connecting cable.

A master unit can be enhanced by adding the CR:203 USB data logger. This simply plugs into a socket on the top of the master unit and will log and store the noise levels from the unit over a period of time. A xenon beacon can also be added (orange, blue, green or red) with 10m cable to light up whenever the sign is activated.

Features summary

  • Noise activated warning sign for a wide range of applications
  • Innovative design with low power requirements, simple installation and configuration
  • Data Logging option allows noise levels to be recorded and downloaded to a PC
  • Clear display with industry standard information using high intensity white LED’s
  • Trigger levels from 40dB(A) to 114dB(A)
  • Master Units can control up to 3 remote display units
  • Custom display options and sign information available

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