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Commissioning water systems: Application principles (Superseded) (AG 2/89.3)

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This Guide has been superseded by BG 2/2010 Commissioning Water Systems.

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This Application Guide is superseded by Commissioning Water Systems (BG 2/2010)

This superseded edition presents the fourth edition of the guide, covering the major related aspects of the commissioning process in four parts - 1) The design of commissionable systems, 2) The installation of commissionable systems, 3) Commissioning procedures, 4) Reporting and documentation. The Application Guide states the manual is intended for use in conjunction with the CIBSE's Commissioning Code W: water distribution systems, BSRIA's Application Guide AG 5/2002: Commissioning management, and Application Guide AG 3/89.3: Commissioning air systems.

Product details

  • Author: Chris Parsloe
  • ISBN: 0860225844