Test Method for Pressure Independent Control Valves (Superseded) (BTS 1/2012)

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BTS 1/2012 has been superseded by BTS 1/2019.


BTS 1/2012 has been superseded by BTS 1/2019

Buildings with distributed heating and cooling loads often use water based distribution systems (generally referred to as hydronic systems). In the bid to increase energy efficiency and cost effectiveness, the use of variable speed pumping and two port control of room terminal devices has produced systems within which the pressures vary dynamically. The industry response has been the introduction of "Pressure Independent Control Valves" (PICVs) and "Pressure Independent Balancing Valves" (PIBVs), both generally referred to as PICVs.

In collaboration with industry, BSRIA has written a test method for PICVs, including a sample test report.

Product details

  • Published: May 2012
  • Publisher: BSRIA
  • Authors: Judd C & Stonard P