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Data Centres - Future Growth and Innovation (WP 12/2020)

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This White Paper examines current trends in data centres and looks at what might happen going forwards

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We are currently living through a data revolution that will change our lives for ever. Accordingly, data centres, where data is stored and processed en masse, are now critical infrastructure. They provide part of the platform needed to support our modern way of life, our needs and our expectations that increasingly rely on processing ever-growing amounts of data. Data centres, and the data centre market, are changing. This BSRIA White Paper looks at the drivers and goals unlocking these changes, and issues such as energy efficiency and the move towards edge computing.

Product details

  • Published: March 2020
  • Publisher: BSRIA
  • Authors: Henry Lawson & Krystyna Dawson
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-86022-777-9