Artificial Intelligence in Buildings (WP 14/2021)

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This paper is concerned with the practical changes that artificial intelligence is already bringing to building services and what it is likely to make possible within the next few years.

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The paper considers the role of AI in helping buildings to provide comfortable, secure and safe environments which are also engaging and convenient for their users. It recognises that security includes not just the physical building but also cybersecurity, where AI has an enhanced role to play. It looks at AI as a factor in reducing the cost of running a building, whether it is a question of energy efficiency or the cost and reliability of service and maintenance and the imperative to keep the building functioning. The paper also touches briefly on the significance of standards and regulation, both those aimed specifically at AI and those which influence it.

Product details

  • Published: June 2021
  • Publisher: BSRIA
  • Author: Henry Lawson
  • ISBN: 978-0-86022-786-1