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BSRIA Instrument Solutions is able to calibrate a range of instruments specifically designed to measure the concentrations of gasses in air. Typically this equipment is used in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) assessments in offices or factories, and the gasses offered include the following mixtures / ranges:-

  • O2 (Oxygen) Range 0 to 20.9 % with a nitrogen balance
  • CO (Carbon Monoxide) Range 0 to 400 ppm
  • CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) Range 0 to 10 000 ppm
  • SO(Sulphur Dioxide) Range 0 to 100 ppm
  • NO (Nitric Oxide) Range 0 to 150 ppm
  • NO2 (Nitrogen Dioxide) Range 0 to 100 ppm

Instrument Solutions is also able to offer traceable calibrations on commercial type flue gas analysers, but domestic flue gas analysers should be returned to the manufacturers or their approved agents for the correct level of servicing / calibration.

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