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Weather louvres - rain & sand

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BSRIA operates a specialist weather louvre test facility offering clients independent performance testing of weather louvres, both rain resistant and sand trap louvres in accordance with:

  • Rain penetration to EN 13030
  • Sand rejection to EN 13181

The tests methods are designed to simulate real-life operating conditions the louvre will undergo when installed.

The rejection performance can be established for a range of ventilation rates while subjected to windblown rain or sand.

To view some louvre products and their type-test reports gained from BSRIA click here.

Rain and airflow tests for storm louvres to EN 13030

  • Water penetration test
  • Air discharge and entry loss coefficient/pressure loss

Sand trap louvres testing to EN 13181

For testing the performance of sand trap louvres used in desert-like conditions and designed for removal of sand while allowing air to flow into a building, BSRIA offers:

  • Pre-test of sand distribution
  • Sand rejection effectiveness
  • Air entry loss coefficient / pressure loss
  • Sand graded to standard, coarse or fine, as specified in EN 13181

As well as standard laboratory testing we can offer witness testing and product development.

Our experts provide a flexible and comprehensive test program tailored to meet your individual requirements.

View test reports of products tested by BSRIA here.

For more information or to discuss your test needs, contact BSRIA on or +44 (0)1772 754380.

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