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The Mini Viper S is an ideal tool for cleaning ducts and pipework. It is lightweight, small diameter, ergonomically shaped and has a 15 m GRP fibreglass rod.

The Mini Viper S is supplied with GRP rod, stainless steel end piece, guidance adapter and protection tube, star and threaded brushes are purchased individually, please contact the Instrument Solutions sales team to discuss the configuration you require for pricing.



  • Lightweight design
  • Small diameter
  • GRP fibreglass rod with resistant polyacrylate (PA) coating and distance marking
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Belt clips (left and right)
  • Stainless steel end piece M5
  • Guidance adaptor
  • Protection tube (without stars)

The Mini Viper S is available with a number of brush options, please contact the Instrument Solutions sales team with the configuration required for pricing.


Weight     720 g

Diameter      28 cm

Rod length     15m

Rod material      GRP fibreglass

Rod coating material     Polyacrylate (PA)

Rod shaft diameter      4.5 mm

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