TSI / Airflow HVLT (110V kit)

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TSI / Airflow HVLT 110V duct leakage kit complete with ducting and instrumentation

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A portable ductwork leakage tester for high velocity applications. The unit is supplied complete with a ‘Leakage Management Unit’ which gives a direct reading of the leakage rate in either imperial or metric units, flexible ducting and a duct adaptor plate.

- Tests to DW143 and DW144 class A B and C ductwork

- Flow range up to 241 m³/hr

- Portable, fits in an estate type car


Virtually anywhere low pressurisation is necessary, laboratory clean rooms, test cells or sealed enclosures, Airflow Leakage Testers provide a fast accurate measurement solution. The method of measuring the air flow rate is a primary standard using conical inlets directly related to ISO 5801.

Electronic speed control is provided to adjust the flow rate/pressure delivered by the unit.

The instrument is portable in the average estate car and will allow periods of testing even in arduous site conditions. The new, state of the art, LM1 Electronic Leakage Manager offers instant measurement, display and control of system performance.


Air performance at maximim air speed

230V version (6amp)

67 l/s @ 2500 Pa, 241 m3/hr @ 2500 Pa

110V version(10amp)

50 l/s @ 2500 Pa, 180 m3/hr @ 2500 Pa

HVLT contents and dimensions

LM1 manometer, tubing, flexible ducting 3.7 metres long with end fitting 100mm (4") diameter

Overall size - Trolley 1050mm long x 570mm wide x 590mm high

Weight 60kg

IMPORTANT NOTE - Instrument Hire Models

Instrument Hire models are supplied as a 110V versions only, and this product is not available for purchase.

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