Kimo SL100 | Solarimeter

Contact Instrument Solutions

Easy to use portable autonomous solarimeter that measures solar levels for the control of photovoltaic and thermal installations on test within a laboratory or on-site.

Instrument is ideal for the evaluation of optimum orientation of solar panels used for power generation on buildings such as residential homes, schools, factories and hospitals.


  • IP68 waterproof solar cell
  • Hold/Max/Min functions
  • Results saved when unit is switched off
  • Supplied with a manufacturers calibration certificate


Solar cell specification

Spectral response      400 to 1100 nm

Nominal sensitivity     100 mv for 1000 W / m2 *

Cosine response      corrected until 80°

Temperature coefficient     + 0.1 % / °C

Effective area      1 cm2

Operating temperature       - 30 °C to + 60 °C

Cell weight     60 g

Cell dimensions     30 mm x 32 mm

Cable length      1.25 m (can be unplugged)

* SL100 is supplied with a calibration certificate in reference to the WRR (World Radiometric Reference).

Instrument specification

Instantaneous power range     1 to 1300 W / m2

Energetic exposure range       up to 500 KWh / m2

Frequency of measurement    1 / s

Accuracy     5 % of measurement

Operating temperature      - 10 °C to + 50 °C

Housing dimensions      58 mm x 120 mm x 33 mm

Power supply      3 AAA batteries

Support documents

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Kimo SL100 solarimeter data sheet.pdf Kimo SL100 solarimeter data sheet
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