Pressure gauge, 0-6 Bar | Analogue gauge

Contact Instrument Solutions

Pressure gauge, 0 to 6 Bar 63 mm diameter glycerine filled bottom 1/4 " BSPP entry

These 63 mm diameter Bourdon tube type pressure gauges are an ideal choice for measuring points with high dynamic or pulsating pressures in any gaseous or liquid media that will not attack the copper alloy parts. They are available with a 1/4 " BSPP connection thread bottom type entry and are ideal for use in industrial processes such as hydraulic systems, compressors and shipbuilding applications.

All units are a sturdy design with a clear visible white dial and with a stainless steel case. Binder and Mechseal type water / liquid type fittings are available as optional accessories along with ISO traceable pressure calibrations.


  • 1/4 " BSPP connection thread
  • Accuracy class: 1.6
  • Glycerine filled for dynamic pressure pulsations
  • 63 mm white dial with black pointer
  • Operating temperature of medium: 60 °C max (ambient 0 °C to + 60 °C)
  • Working pressure: Steady: 3/4 of full scale value, Fluctuating: 2/3 of full scale value, Short time: Full scale value


Dual scale       0.2 Bar / 5 psi scale resolution