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Testo 465 | Optical tachometer

Contact Instrument Solutions

Low cost, non-contact, optical rpm measurement. Using the Testo 465, rpm can be easily measured optically and without contact. Simply attach a reflector to the object to be measured and then point the visible, red modulated light beam at the reflector and then measure.


The distance to the measurement object is up to 600 mm. The measuring instrument stores mean, min. and max. values as well as the last measurement value. The SoftCase included in delivery protects the instrument from impact, ensuring an especially long working life.


Range      1.0 to 99999.0 rpm (optically)

Accuracy       ± (0.02 % of measure value + 1 digit)

Working temperature      0 to 50 °C

Storage temperature       – 20 to + 70 °C

Battery      2 x 1.5 V AA

Dimensions      144 mm x 58 mm x 20mm (without cone or running wheel)

Weight      145 g