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Megger MMC850 clamp meter, case and manual

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Use the MMC850 anywhere where you want to measure current without breaking a circuit or splitting cables ie multicore types. The MMC850 can also be used in place of traditional clamp meters, when commissioning, or for general maintenance work in electrical machinery and installations.


  • Single, two or three core cable measurement
  • Flat or round section cables
  • No need to split wires
  • AC Current upto 200A, 0.1A resolution.
  • Cable centralising clamp
  • Backlit display
  • 50Hz and 60Hz supplies
  • IEC 1010-2-032, CAT III 600 V safety protection

The Megger MMC850 offers a unique solution to current measurement in multi-core cables, without the need to split cores. Simply clamp the MMC850 to a multicore cable and read the current flowing. Conventional current clamp meters have been available for many years and are an accepted method of non-intrusive current measurement. However these instruments can only measure current in a single core cable, requiring multi-core cables to be split before a core can be measured. Unlike conventional clamp meters, the MMC850 has a complex
array of Planer magnetic sensor coils to calculate the current flowing in the conductors of multicore cables with either 2 or 3 cores, and in either flat or round section cable, up to 100 A. The convenience and potential time saving from using the multi-core clamp is considerable.


Single core mode 200 A maximum current, 0.1 A resolution, 1.5 % + 3 digit accuracy and 45 Hz to 1 kHz frequency response

Multi core mode 100 A maximum current, 0.1 A resolution, 5 % + 10 digit accuracy and 45 Hz to 400 Hz frequency response

Battery life 180hrs typical

Main jaw capacity 13mm (0.51")

Inner jaw capacity 22mm (0.87")

Display 31/2 digit 2000 count

Refresh time 3 times / second

Operating temperature 0ºC to +40ºC

Storage tempetature -20ºC to +60ºC

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