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Why choose Instrument Hire?March 2018

In times of economic uncertainty the rental of expensive pieces of equipment can be the most cost effective solution to acquiring specialist test instrumentation without the need to outlay large capital sums. More and more companies are now using the hiring of equipment as the preferred solution to their needs, as it frees up capital to focus on its core activities without compromising its businesses growth.

Alan Gilbert, General Manager at BSRIA Instrument Solutions of the UK’s leading suppliers said “There are many benefits of equipment rental rather than ownership with access to a wide range of up-to-date technology when you need it probably being the greatest benefit. Hire of instrumentation ensures that no money is tied up when equipment is not being used, and the hidden costs to ownership such as maintenance are also not incurred.

With such a wide variety of instruments available rental allows for a better planning of costs on a project-by-project basis. For example if you are to embark on a thermal imaging survey a good quality camera can be purchased for this task costing in the order of £6000, and if a wide-angle or telephoto lens is needed the equipment cost for these can mount up further. The rental charge for the same equipment can be in the region of £200 per week, and this lower cost option soon becomes an attractive proposition to buying for many companies especially when finances are tight”.

When selecting a supplier for rental, careful consideration must be given to the level of service expected. Does the rental company operate a quality accredited calibration system for the items it offers for hire, a simple question to ask but one that is often overlooked. Correct calibration is of paramount importance especially in safety critical environments, so no facilities could be why the rental cost are low. Likewise does the company offer any technical back up to the products within its rental range, or does it simply refer the user back to the manufacturer if a problem arises. Is the rental company tied to a single supplier, or does it source it from the best equipment manufacturers from around the world. Finally does the rental company have a regional presence so goods can be picked-up in person or promptly delivered to site with a same day carrier service.

In summary, instrument rental can be a cost effective solution to acquiring expensive pieces of instrumentation especially if it is only used on an ad-hoc basis. Careful selection of the rental company is important, and choosing one not tied to a single manufacturer ensures access to the best suppliers of instrumentation around the world.


BSRIA Instrument Solutions is appointed as official equipment distributors for more than 20 of the leading manufacturers in the test and measurement instrumentation market. Many products are available ex-stock from premises located in Bracknell, Berkshire and Preston, Lancashire.

All Instruments purchased from BSRIA Instrument Solutions are supplied at competitive prices and can include calibration certificates traceable to national standards (ISO 9001) or to UKAS requirements (ISO 17025).

For the Bracknell and Preston laboratories and offices call:

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