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New product line - Testo 440 available from BSRIA Instrument SolutionsMarch 2018

BSRIA Instrument Solutions is pleased to announce the launch of the new Testo 440 system designed for ventilation, climate, and IAQ (indoor air quality) engineers. These innovative simple to use Testo instruments come in 11 pre-configured kits to suit various applications, and up to 3 x probes can be simultaneously connected to the handset (1 x wired probe, 1 x wireless Bluetooth probe, 1 x type K mini-plug thermocouple).

The 440 handset has pre-configured measurement protocols for most airflow & ventilation tests, as well as a quick convenient method of archiving and the reporting of results via its USB port to a PC or to portable printer. A range of optional wired and Bluetooth probes are also available, and with their modular design this facilitates the production of kit combinations suited to all users such as FM contractors who are looking to record multiple parameters within buildings such as temperature, humidity, Lux levels, ambient CO or CO2. There are also probes for specialist applications such as a specific hot wire sensor for fume cupboard / LEV hood testing and high accuracy temperature & humidity probes used in industries such as the pharmaceutical sector.

Details of the Testo 440 kits can be found on the following links along with video content of the product range and their use in typical applications.

Testo 440 – vane kits (6 versions). Click HERE for additional details

Testo 440 – hot wire kit. Click HERE for additional details

Testo 440 - CO2 kit. Click HERE for additional details

Testo 440 – humidity kit. Click HERE for additional details

Testo 440 – Lux kit. Click HERE for additional details

Testo 440 – indoor comfort ComboKit. Click HERE for additional details

BSRIA Instrument Solutions offers a full range of calibrations on all the new Testo 440 products these include the UKAS accredited parameters for air velocity, humidity, temperature and air volume (typically vane anemometers + hood kits used measure air volume flow rates on ventilation systems for demonstrating compliance to Part F of the Building Regulations).

Instrument calibration facility

ISO and UKAS accredited calibration facilities are availabe on a range of instrumentation