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Hanham Hall - BSRIA survey - occupant levels of satisfaction - "high"May 2018

Peter Tse Senior Design Consultant

BSRIA is delighted to have successfully completed assessments on Hanham Hall – including assessment of the performance of the properties in-use for energy and water consumption, construction quality, indoor environment and collected occupants’ opinions on their new homes.

The Hanham Hall development consists of 185 new homes located at South Gloucestershire. All new homes were constructed by Barratt Homes to comply with the Zero Carbon Homes definition.

Information on site demographics, levels of occupancy in the different properties, and occupants’ levels of satisfaction with their new homes was collected through occupant surveys developed by BSRIA. Post-occupancy energy and water consumption of all properties was monitored for three years by BSRIA researchers, using wireless sensors recording data at five minute intervals.

Responses indicated that the majority of residents were very satisfied with the performance of their properties. Overall, the respondents reported that their heating, electricity and water bills have been “much lower” compared to bills in their previous homes.

Indoor conditions: CO2 levels monitored in a sample of 10 properties indicated “good ventilation rates” for all the different design typologies. Thermal conditions within the sample properties showed “comfortable temperatures” maintained throughout the year with “no overheating”.

Peter Tse, Business Manager – Sustainable Construction Group, BSRIA, said:

“BSRIA was delighted for the opportunity to evaluate this flagship large-scale housing scheme set against the 2016 zero-carbon standard. This extensive evaluation – including occupant surveys, analysis of energy and water consumption, fabric assessment and review of indoor environment – will provide Barratt Homes with a unique insight into the performance of their new home designs and support a roadmap for future sustainable, energy efficient living.”

Oliver Novakovic, Technical & Innovation Director, Barratt Homes, said:

“At Barratt we believe it is important to understand how our new homes perform in real life situations with our customers. BSRIA’s results show some real positives around how these high performing homes have helped lower bills while maintaining comfortable temperatures.

BSRIA’s approach to disseminating this information has been simple and easy to understand, which in turn will allow us to apply the findings to future projects and designs.”

Construction on the site started in 2012 and was completed in early 2016. The new homes design details and energy strategy were reviewed at an early stage and BSRIA studied the design brief and SAP predictions, which were used for comparison to monitored data.

Hanham Hall is an exemplar energy efficient housing scheme north east of Bristol which was originally part of the government’s Carbon Challenge to build zero carbon homes.

Barratt Developments plc Over the past six years Barratt Group has increased its housing output by more than 55 per cent – building more of the homes the country needs. Barratt is committed to building quality homes and has been awarded five stars by the Home Builders Federation (HBF) for customer satisfaction and received more NHBC Pride in the Job awards than any other housebuilder. See:

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Stress-free compliance with Building Regulations, including airtightness, sound insultation and ventilation