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Data centre cooling

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Data centre cooling solutions - Troubleshooting, testing and design validation

Infrared image showing two sections of a cold aisle in a data centre

Data centre cooling is becoming more complex and expensive due to rising power loads and high-density of IT equipment. Simply increasing the cooling capacity can cause problems in temperature or air flow and lead to inefficient cooling.

BSRIA has expertise, technology and facilities for validating cabinet designs and testing cooling solutions for data centres through mock-up testing and indoor environment investigations.

BSRIA can address a wide range of data centre cooling problems and provide recommendations for successful integration between the CRAC (computer room air conditioner) and building services.

  • analyse a wide range of data center configurations
  • carry out room diagnostics
  • measure air flow and cooling performance for different layouts
  • solve problems and advise on an optimum solution
  • live data feedback of the temperature and humidity when different scenarios are simulated during commissioning

We can analyse any cooling methodology and configuration including also:

  • raised floor cooling
  • floor room cooling
  • in-row cooling
  • in-cabinet cooling

For more information or to discuss your test needs, contact BSRIA on or +44 (0)1344 465664.

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