Global Smart PoE Applications 2019

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This report looks at the current and expected evolution of Ethernet and Power over Ethernet port shipments, a breakdown by main PoE Applications, sheds light on the future of PoE Applications and provides a more in-depth analysis on PoE lighting systems. An introduction on PoE & LEDs is provided as an appendix

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The structured cabling markets are changing Over the last decade we have witnessed a reduction of installed
copper ports per user and less stationary desks Wireless access points continue to increase the available
bandwidth with some end users moving from a complementary solution to a completely wireless solution for
their local area network ( Other wireless technologies, such as distributed antenna systems and other
small cell technologies represent a threat to copper cabling, while passive optical networks are penetrating the
LAN arena particularly for certain verticals such as hospitality, government and other large venues (
stadiums, etc

The market and technology changes also represent significant opportunities with the increasing uptake of IP
devices, the rapid expansion of the Internet of Things and the increasing power capability of PoE, which offers a
low voltage platform to power, control and converge building services and all IP devices

This report looks at the wide range of PoE applications, with a special emphasis on PoE lighting, provides data
on the global number shipped switchports and PoE ports, its breakdown by application and provides market
data and forecasts for PoE lighting

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  • Published: December 2019
  • Publisher: BSRIA