USA air conditioning markets grow in central plant & in packaged air conditioningNovember 2017

Central plant air conditioning market by unit volume, 2016

A growing trend in both the central plant air conditioning market (CPAC) as well as the packaged air conditioning market (room, packaged, unitary and furnaces) has been highlighted in recently published BSRIA market intelligence in-depth studies on USA Air Conditioning.

Findings & forecasts

The in-depth CPAC report published in August 2017 shows that the market growth for chillers and airside AC remained positive but relatively weak in 2016. The U.S. market is “mature” and driven primarily by replacement of old units in retrofit and refurbishment. The market for central plant air conditioning was valued at US$ 3.14 billion in 2016, compared to US$ 3.05 billion the previous year.

Central plant air conditioning market by US$ million value, 2016

“Most” suppliers are optimistic and share the view that the current positive economic cycle is set to continue within the next two years. However, given the fact that business opportunities in emerging countries are depleting and growth is falling in Europe, the US and its solid economy will attract more international competitors.

Raphael Chalogony, General Manager, BSRIA Inc, said:

“The room, packaged, unitary and furnace air conditioning market in the US is also a mature market with most sales coming from replacements and refurbishments. In 2016, sales increased consistently in volume, for residential products, although with different growth rates. The commercial

market for packaged units consists of VRF, rooftop units and close control units.

There was a slight drop in the volume of rooftop units, while VRF grew strongly compared to the previous year. The market for packaged air conditioning was valued at US$17 billion in 2016.

These reports provide a comprehensive analysis of the U.S. market for central plant air conditioning and for the packaged air conditioning markets and provide growth opportunities in both markets.”

Packaged air conditioning trends & forecast by unit volume 2015-2021F

Trends & drivers

The Central Plant Air Conditioning report highlights trends and drivers pertaining to products like chillers, air handling units, fan coils and terminal units. The slowdown in investment in industrial new construction and the low growth in healthcare and education restrained market expansion. At the same time, a sustained demand in the commercial office and hospitality verticals triggered some growth in the central plant market.

Packaged air conditioning trends & forecast by USD million value, 2015-2021F

The Room, Packaged, Unitary and Furnaces Air Conditioning report focuses on trends and drivers of windows and through-the-wall units, PTACs and portables, split units, unitary, furnaces, indoor packaged and precision cooling products. The packaged market in the US is primarily residential with some products being used in the commercial space. The warm summer of 2016 contributed to growth in residential air conditioning sales.

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