Indian HAC&R compressor market expects to see fast recovery from 2021November 2020

The Indian HAC&R compressor market expects to see a fast recovery from 2021 

BSRIA is publishing the new report on the compressor market covering India. It is the third Regional Report of the global series of studies on the Compressor Market for Air Conditioning (AC), Heat Pumps (HP) and Refrigeration (REF). The report focuses on detailed product sales, with indications of production levels.

The different compressor types covered in this study include rotary, scroll, reciprocating, screw and centrifugal products. Markets for each type of product are further segmented into specific applications such as air conditioning, air to water, water to water heat pumps and refrigeration, excluding transport. 

Sales of compressors in India are expected to suffer in 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has negatively impacted the AC market, while the REF market has held up better. Overall, compressor sales are expected to experience a drop of 3% in 2020 against the previous year.

The residential segment is forecast to contribute strongly to the future recovery and hold a major share of the growing AC and REF markets, driving a prompt recovery in sales of small rotary and hermetic reciprocating compressors. 

On the other side, the government’s push for energy efficiency measures, as well as for compliance with international legislation such as the Kigali Amendment will support market recovery. It is worth noting that the Indian government has also started implementing measures to encourage India becoming a global manufacturing hub in heavy industries, which will benefit industrial compressors in the long run.

Reciprocating compressors segment accounts for a large portion of the total sales in India. Growing focus on energy efficiency will see this market shift towards the inverter technology and adopt more hydrocarbons in household refrigeration as well as natural refrigerants in industrial applications.

Rotary compressors have significant share in the air-conditioning segment. They are expected to grow in line with the AC market, offering great potential for growth of inverters. With the improvements of new technology, twin-rotary compressors are developing towards higher capacities and expanding their application scope.  

Air conditioning and refrigeration are the major applications for compressors in India, with heat pump market being in an infancy stage. The report focuses on the two main applications, providing detailed segmentation of the market and delivering forecasts up to 2023.

                                                                         India: HAC&R compressor by type, by value (USD million), 2020

Source: BSRIA

                                                                                                                                                                        Total: USD 952 mln

BSRIA’s India compressor report is available for purchase and forms part of BSRIA’s Global Compressor Study covering the following regions: The Americas, China, India, EMEA and South East Asia.

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