Mission Critical Cooling for Data Centres is rapidly evolving in North AmericaOctober 2017

Driven by the need to improve energy efficiency, reliability and cutting downtime while reducing operating costs, the North American market for mission critical cooling is currently growing at a CAGR of over 12 per cent and is forecast to reach US$ 2.9 billion by 2022. The majority of this value is accounted for by the IT sector according to the latest BSRIA market intelligence study.

With the need for data, high-performance computing, wireless communication, Internet of Things (IoT) and streaming rising dramatically in our digitally connected world, the need for data centres and servers has become a necessity with mission critical cooling going hand-in-hand.

Raphael Chalogony, General Manager, BSRIA Inc, said:

“Mission critical cooling is a method of cooling servers, computer systems and telecommunication equipment to precise temperatures as per set standards. These servers are used to organise, process, store and distribute large amounts of data and can be used in single rack data closets or large data centres with hundreds of racks.

Such servers and computer systems use large amounts of power and give off immense heat which could affect their efficiency and function. Downtime could be very expensive and disruptive and so mission critical cooling is an essential part of data centers.

Though traditional cooling still has a lion’s share of the market, other more efficient cooling solutions are growing rapidly as companies try to reduce cost and energy consumption. The market is currently dominated by established suppliers of cooling equipment, but a number of new suppliers are entering the market as new types of cooling are introduced.”

DC cooling overview map

Why do you need this study?

North America mission critical cooling market size 2014 - 2022
  • What are the different types of cooling for data centres?
  • How large is the market? How fast is it growing and what is the forecast to 2022?
  • What are the main drivers to growth?
  • What is the market share of the leading manufacturers of products?
  • What are the upcoming trends in the market?
  • How is the market segmented by industry verticals and how is the market segmented by geography?
  • What are the most effective distribution channels and who are the key decision-makers and influencers?

Who needs this study?

  • Manufacturing HVAC solutions for data centres, telecom shelters, telecom towers. Manufacturing mission critical cooling solutions.
  • Decision makers of cooling solutions: CEO, CMO, COO, CTO, Managing Directors, Directors, General Managers, Department Heads, Managers, Partners, Associates and Consultants.
  • Professionals in: marketing, manufacturing, technology, strategic planning, research, market analysis, business strategy and modelling.

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