BSRIA launches a New European HVAC Field Device studyNovember 2021

BSRIA is pleased to announce the latest publication of a series of HVAC Field Device reports covering commercial buildings in 4 European countries: Germany, France, Italy, and the United Kingdom, with the geographical scope planned to be extended in 2022.

In 2021, the total value of Field Devices across these key European countries is expected to reach USD 561 million, with the highest growth rate expected for sensors.

EU Field Device 2021, CAGR % per segment

Markets in Europe progressed unevenly due to different lockdown start and lifting dates, parts shortages, available stock, access to local production and trade agreements. HVAC valves suffered the most from the weak construction outputs, whereas ventilation and safety applications were prioritized. 

In 2021, Germany remains the largest market for field devices despite a decrease in non-residential construction outputs. The UK  recorded strong performances for fire safety applications. In France, new BACS regulations have pushed sensors sales, and in Italy, the shock caused by the pandemic has triggered a significant volume of investment being diverted to products and services for ventilation, air quality and user safety.

The study covers different segments of the industry, providing a detailed quantitative and qualitative assessment of the current markets for HVAC valves and actuators, volume control dampers and actuators, fire safety dampers and actuators, and sensors installed for HVAC systems and BACS. 

The research covers 2021 macro drivers and disruptors up to 2026 and dives deep into future trends such as the implications of the move towards IT-centric facility management, convergence and integration of products and services, progression of connectivity in terms of standards and practices.

Each country report is available for purchase in full or separately according to 3 independent product modules:

  • HVAC valves and actuators
  • HVAC and fire dampers and actuators
  • HVAC and integration sensors 

The European HVAC Field Device study expands BSRIA’s existing Field Device research portfolio, which includes the coverage of the US market, published in February 2020, and China, completed in May 2021.

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