BSRIA completes World Air Conditioning market studiesMarch 2021

BSRIA has completed its World Air Conditioning (WWAC 2021) project, focusing on key market trends for 21 countries. A summer update on the figures published in March will also be available in September and can be purchased in combination with the WWAC as a package.

Additionally, following the success of its studies in Africa (Dec 2018) and South America (Dec 2019) BSRIA completed the research on 15 individual European countries: Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland; Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Romania; Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Ireland; Croatia and Greece (published February 2021).

Where is the air conditioning market heading? What are the trends and how has COVID-19 impacted? What is the penetration of IT and Controllers on products?

Adverse air conditioning market growth is observed within the same regions and around the globe. Market fluctuations are mostly affected by waves of Covid-19, national and regional lockdowns. BSRIA research results are available on a global, regional or country level, focusing on 2020 with forecast by product to 2025. 

Fig.1: Geographic Scope WWAC 2021


Working from home and lockdowns benefited residential AC sales. Government incentives and legislation boosted demand. Light commercial is worst affected.


USA - Strong performance of the residential market with house renovations and heatwave pushing demand. LATAM worst affected but first sign of recovery recorded in Brazil.

The Middle East, India and Africa

Commercial products experienced a major disruption caused by the COVID-19 outbreak.  IAQ and ventilation in existing buildings with more customisation on AHUs.

Asia Pacific  

Pandemic deepened the contraction which was expected before the pandemic in China with VRFs and AHUs faring well. The Health crisis has increased ventilation demand.

Available in PDF and Excel format, the study focusses on market sizes and characteristics, forecasts, and main suppliers. The main influencers and drivers in the market are also scrutinised: macroeconomic background, refrigerants and regulations are included. Finally, the study assesses the structure of foreign trade and market players. 

Products included in the study are Portables, Windows/Through the Wall, Splits (single and multi-splits, VRF), Roof Tops and Indoor Packaged, Chillers, AHUs and Fan Coils. 

New areas include the report include the volume of DX-Coil vs. chilled water AHUs and the changing refrigerant uptake in splits, as well as looking at the penetration of integrated IP connected controllers by key product segments.

Also available is the World Excel Overview with September 2021 update on the 21 countries for Splits &VRF, chillers, large packaged & rooftops.

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