BSRIA appoints new Commercial DirectorAugust 2018

Krystyna Dawson Commercial Director

BSRIA is delighted to announce the appointment of Krystyna Dawson B.Sc (Hons), MBA, MA as its Commercial Director at BSRIA, effective from Monday 3rd September 2018, in a newly-created role.

To fulfil BSRIA’s vision of becoming strategic partner in delivering improvement and growth for the construction industry stakeholders, the position of Commercial Director has been fashioned to shape company’s communication and service development strategy.

Krystyna will formulate and implement commercial strategy at both corporate and brand level and promote BSRIA at all opportunities externally.

Krystyna is known within the industry and with BSRIA members since she has been with BSRIA for the last 10 years and is currently Business Manager for BSRIA’s Worldwide Market Intelligence (WMI) Department.

In her time at BSRIA, Krystyna has authored many articles, reports and papers focusing on strategic analysis of the impact major global trends and events have on the HVAC markets. In her role of Business Manager in the WMI department, Krystyna has strengthened department’s consultancy capacities reaching with success to the wide range of global clients.

Krystyna has also contributed strongly to the build-up of BSRIA operations in China and in the US.

Before BSRIA, Krystyna had built up her career in the publishing and gathered substantial commercial experience at an international level.

Julia Evans, Chief Executive, BSRIA, said:

“Krystyna Dawson brings with her an abundance of experience and we see this appointment in a newly-created role as an essential step in our continued development for the strategic direction BSRIA is taking for 2018 and beyond.

With Krystyna’s specific, top level communication, commercial, marketing B2B and building services background, she can bring to the table key industry intelligence, sales and marketing knowledge and foresight. This will boost BSRIA’s reputation as the go-to industry leader in delivering global sustainable building construction and research.

Internally, Krystyna will contribute to high level decision making that affects all aspects of company operation and performance.

In her decade at BSRIA, Krystyna has demonstrated a high level of analytical, investigative and decision-making and risk-taking skills. All my BSRIA colleagues and board members know Krystyna is an excellent choice and welcome her to the role in September.”

Krystyna said:

“I am truly delighted and looking forward to making my mark in this new role that will emphasise the value BSRIA represents for the construction industry it the time of profound change and challenge.

BSRIA is a great organisation with an amazing depth of expertise and knowledge. It has always been at the cutting edge of industry trends and new technologies providing highly professional independent information and guidance.

My new role will guarantee that BSRIA strengthens its position at the forefront of these activities and will enhance BSRIA’s reputation of a reliable partner in delivering growth and improvement for construction industry stakeholders – both nationally and globally. It is certainly an exciting time.”


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