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Anette Holley - General Manager HVACR & Consultancy Services

Anette has over 25 years’ experience in market research and consultancy and 18 years working with BSRIA. Anette is a senior member of the team and the manager of WMI's private client portfolio and also manages a team of 10 research consultants who specialize in undertaking global research in air conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation and component related industries

Saziye Dickson - Senior Market Research Consultant
Saziye holds an AMRS, ACIM, HND Business & Marketing, and Professional Diploma in Marketing. Since joining BSRIA in January 2007, Saziye has worked as a consultant and completed numerous projects such as air conditioning, heating and bathroom studies and more recently studies covering the Swedish, Finnish, Dutch and UK market for chilled ceilings/beams and a European study on Heat Recovery. She manages World Air Conditioning study which covers around 30 countries per year.

Phil Bowring – Senior Market Analyst

Phil has almost twenty years’ experience in market research. He joined BSRIA in 2003 and is responsible for WMI's world and excel overviews on the air conditioning, heating, structured cabling, building controls, bathroom equipment and renewables markets. He also manages BSRIA’s quarterly Splits, VRF and Heat Pump data collection groups.

David Garwood - Market Research Consultant

David has a BSc (hons) and MSc in Applied Mathematics. Since joining BSRIA David has been the editor and project leader of the Statistics Bulletin, Consultants Quarterly Workload Survey, and both Shower data collection groups. He now has over five years experience working in a market research environment and for past four years he has been the author of BSRIA's UK Air Conditioning Reports, Worldwide Air Conditioning reports for the UK, and the UK minisplit stock levels reports. He has completed a number of projects in researching the Contract Maintenance and Taps and Mixers within the UK, and currently manages the HEVAC study. David is also one of the first points of contact for member and private client consultancy enquires for air conditioning.

John Boutal - Junior Excel Analyst

John is responsible for the running of the shower clubs and organising and maintaining WMI's macroeconomic and construction data. He also provides support on an ad hoc basis supplying CI and market analysis to WMI's 35 researchers. John works closely with Phil Bowring helping out with various tasks including the setup of WMI's world excel overviews on the air conditioning, heating, structured cabling, bathroom equipment and renewables markets.

Hugh Brenchley - Market Research Consultant

Hugh is a law graduate from the University of Liverpool and has diplomas in European law from the University of Louvain, Belgium and Urbino, Italy.

He has over 17 years experience in market research and consultancy, much of which with TNS, NFO Worldgroup and IpsosMORI. He is responsible for Project Management from set up to reporting.

At BSRIA, Hugh is a senior market research consultant specializing in undertaking research around the world in air conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation and component related industries.

Hugh speaks French and Spanish.
Massimo Piras - Market Research Consultant

Massimo is a Tri-lingual (Italian, English, French) market research consultant with a Master’s degree in Economics awarded by University of London. He has excellent relationship building skills developed across Europe, project management and extensive market research experience within the exhibition industry in different fields from rail, converting, sheet metal and airport.

Before moving to England in 2005, Massimo was responsible for researching and reporting on European Union’s institutions, legislation, policies and programmes.

At BSRIA he is currently involved in a range of research projects on air conditioning for residential and commercial sectors.

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