Water Heaters (World Market for Heating 2014)

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Key Economic and Construction Indicators. In-depth Country Market Analysis. Five- year performance review, 2013 Market Size and Forecast 2014-2017. Industry Trends & Drivers. Market Size and Competitor Market Shares by Product,...See full description


Key economic and construction indicators. In-depth country market analysis. Five-year performance review, 2013 market size and forecast 2014-2017. Market drivers & obstacles. Market size and competitor market shares by product.
Multiple segmentations by product including electric instantaneous and storage water heaters, gas instantaneous and storage water heaters, indirect cylinder and buffer tank. Competitor market shares by product. Segmentations by product type and capacity. Vertical market by end user types. Route to the market and distributors profiles.
Studies on the major European countries include solar thermal systems and heat pump water heater. In addition, solar thermal market analysis includes sales by type of collectors, applications, average price of system, sales to residential and commercial buildings.