World Building Automation Controls Systems 2022/R2021

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For decision makers in manufacturing, system integration, security or FM needing accurate BACS market assessments, BSRIA’s Eight country reports give a five year forecast with a benchmark view to unlock insight into trends, IoT and market impacts.

Most building automation controls (BACS) markets experienced an increase in demand in 2021, but also problems in the supply chain and a surge in material prices. Recovery varies across countries, depending on the fall experienced in 2020, vaccination uptake rates, the economic recovery, and technical, social, and geographic factors. While some verticals have been severely hit, others grew due to new opportunities.

BSRIA’s new World BACS study establishes current market sizes, trends and drivers, and shares of software, hardware, DDC, room and field level controllers. The study provides market forecast assessments of key trends, such as the:

  • growing importance of software and analytics,
  • convergence and integration of building services,
  • uptake of IP,
  • trend towards more generic and freely programmable controllers,
  • impact of the Internet of Things. 

The study also shows how established suppliers are faring in response to the challenge of those trying to gain share in these markets.

BSRIA’s Worldwide Market Intelligence division (WMI) has been providing specialist market intelligence for over 30 years. Its multinational staff conducts primary and secondary research with a wide network of industry contacts to source detailed, reliable data across multiple product areas.

Reports are supplied in PDF + EXCEL Format

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  • Published: March 2022
  • Publisher: BSRIA