World Market for Building Controls 2018/R2017

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Decision makers demand the latest AC trends in AHU’s, Fan Coils, Chillers, Large Packaged, VRF, Mini and Ducted Splits, Windows & Movables. BSRIA provide key market data on 31 countries with a forecast to 2022.


Key Findings
BSRIA’s annual World Air Conditioning study published in March 2018 provides key market information for 31
countries. The study offers a cost effective solution to obtain top line information into key trends, drivers and
forecasts within the World Air Conditioning Market. It includes information on Windows & Moveables, Splits,
Large Packaged, Chillers, AHUs and Fan coils. The research covers the key European and major Global markets
and with a special focus on the Asian markets this year.

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Product details

  • Published: March 2018
  • Publisher: BSRIA