World Market for Building Controls 2019

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The BACS market is changing as never before. It is morphing from one which has essentially consisted of products which were installed within buildings mainly to manage HVAC, into one in which the building system accesses a vast array of data, updating in real time, both from inside the building and from the wider environment, and uses this to optimise the energy performance of the building but also to achieve objectives such as comfort, wellbeing and productivity.

BSRIA is currently working to evaluate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic which is published in September 2020.

Regional and global overview market data are also available. For more details please contact us on or +44 (0)1344 465540

As well as providing detailed segmentation of software and products, this year’s study focusses on areas such as the greater use of internet connectivity (IoT), integration of diverse building services, the development of cloud services as opposed to edge computing. It will also forecast the growth of the important value-added service and maintenance market which is changing the way the market is valued.
Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Netherland, Spain and the USA. A World Overview (16 countries + estimates for the rest of the world) is also available

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  • Published: March 2020