World Radiators & UFH 20219/R2018 - EXCEL ONLY

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Radiator and Underfloor Heating (UFH) reports contain strategic market analysis. BSRIA reports provide market insight data to aid identifying business trends and strategic planning.

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    • Country/Region: Ireland
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BSRIA publishes annually, in April/May, heating studies for Radiators & Underfloor Heating. In 2019, 12 country reports for radiators and underfloor heating (UFH) are available to provide key market information needed to carry out strategic analysis of each market segment. The studies offer a cost-effective solution to obtain well-structured data on the latest market size with analysis detecting major trends and more specific market changes. These studies provide a five-year market forecast, technical segmentation, distribution trends as well as information on main suppliers and their market shares, the overall competitive environment and components’ – TRVs and thermostats - markets size, segmentation, trends and forecast. An overview of the heat pump market is also included.

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