USA Field Devices market estimated at USD 1.2 bn and growingMarch 2020

Field devices market for commercial HVAC in the United States

This new modular market study assesses the market for HVAC valves including zone, distribution and plant valves, balancing and PICVs, HVAC air volume dampers and actuators, fire safety dampers and actuators, and sensors installed with an HVAC system (environmental, air quality, multi-sensors, light dependant and occupancy). The study develops in-depth analyses by product design and identifies trends in technology and pricing. The modular design of the report allows specialist companies to acquire the chapter that answers their specific business questions (module 1: Commercial HVAC valves; module 2: Commercial HVAC and safety dampers, module 3: HVAC sensors.).

These 3 chapters give building automation market players a complete overview of the market situation, trends for field devices and their correlated dynamics.

This first edition focuses on the USA market that is estimated by BSRIA at USD 1.2 bn. Despite economic turbulence and uncertainty, the forecast for 2019-2024 remains positive with a CAGR of 4.9%, leading this market to exceed USD 1.5 bn by 2024. 

For each market, key products have been identified as growth accelerators. Overall, the demand for energy efficiency, and the increasing expectations for user safety and user comfort, will drive sales of dynamic devices. Cloud services and IoT technology are gradually being introduced to the market, and installations of sensors, notably multi-sensors, will stimulate demand for motorised and modulating products. 

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